Top 5 Most Expensive Items Ever Sold On Ebay!

5) House With a War-Proof Bunker – $2.1 million

Realtors Gregory Gibbons and Bruce Francisco bought up an old missile base solo, with the idea of converting it into an underground safe space, with an overground home on top. Located in the Adirondack Mountains in the upstate of New York, the project was started by Gibbons and Francisco in the wake of 9/11, so they thought a safe home would be in demand for a lot of wealthy families. Although they valued the finished house and bunker at $18 million, they sold it on eBay for just $2.1 million. With mountain views from every window in the upstairs home and an entire upscale living space in the bunker, the apocalypse-proof home fortunately has yet to prove its functionality.


4) The Town of Albert, TX – $2.5 millon

In the shadow of Bridgeville’s sale, Albert, TX was put up for auction on eBay, in 2003. An insurance broker named Bobby Cave scooped up the town for only $216,000 and then resold it on eBay a few years later, for $2.5 million. Talk about flipping a town! With a population of five, Albert is known for its history, having been a stop on the Fredericksburg -Blanco stage route and later the President’s Ranch Trail. Cave worked to preserve that history and generate visitors by building a tavern where the general store had once been, along with other renovations.


3) Lunch with Warren Buffett – $2.6 million

Every year, business magnate Warren Buffett hosts a lunch that raises money for a San Francisco church whose mission is to feed the hungry. It’s usually one of the most expensive items on eBay but in 2010, it sold for even more than usual, when an anonymous bidder paid $2.6 million. Although the bid was also an extremely generous donation to charity, we hope that Buffett gave the winner some top-tier investment advice, so he or she could really get their money’s worth from the luncheon.


2) Gulfstream II – $4.9 million

In 2001, Tyler Jet, a business plane vendor, put one of its Gulfstream II airplanes up for auction on eBay. The luxurious private jet seats 12 and was featured on eBay’s ‘then-new aviation’ section. When a charter-based African company won the jet with a $4.9 million bid, the Gulfstream II became not only the most expensive sale on eBay, but also the highest sale to ever be made over the internet.


1) Gigayacht – $168 million

The most expensive item sold on eBay to date is a Frank Mulder designed Gigayacht, which auctioned off for an incredible $168 million, in 2006. The yacht was purchased by Russian billionaire, Roman Abramovichwho rose to fame and riches by owning the investment company, Millhouse LLC and the Chelsea Football Club. At 405 feet long, his new ginormous yacht includes two VIP suites, a children’s cabin, guest cabins, a gym, movie theater, spa, elevator and helicopter pad. We’re not sure why the yacht’s manufactures chose to sell it on eBay, but because of their decision and Abramovich’s bid, history was made.


Author: Tom Lafford

Twitter: @laffylafford